My family and I, Roger Schmid, are residing in Phuket since many years and we started the project Bougain Villea as a smaller version with 20 units in combination with a bakery in the year 1989.
Since that days, Bougain Villea has permanently increased in size and popularity. 35 air-conditioned apartments in various sizes, a big pool and our international restaurant will pamper you perfectly to make your vacation an unforgettable event.
Nowadays, the Bougainvillea Terrace House Resort is a well known landmark in Thailand for outstanding service, the cleanliness and features of the apartments, as well as the friendly and family orientated atmosphere. Visitors highly appreciate the fact that I and my family are always accessible as advisors and helping hands for any questions and problems that may occur, as well as for holiday planning and advise. 
Our staff is well trained, speaks english and is supervised by Miss Malee, which is always there for you during working hours.

Finally, I have to admit that it is of course also the enchanting tropical island Phuket itself that makes our guests coming back to Bougain Villea Terrace House Resort each year. I fell in love with Phuket right from the very first day and set foot on Phuket soil. My children Tina and Chris were both born in Phuket. We are happy here and we promise that you will be happy too during your stay at Bougain Villea Terrace House Resort.

Managing a resort is a serious business, but...

Crazy Cow and Roger in the Pool

You might have heard about the funny promotion idea of a swiss guy who placed 800 plastic cows all over Switzerland. We made a lucky catch and got one of those cows!
After this funny photosession, we attached the cow on top of our shuttle bus - you bet that we catch some looks and (of course) guests :-)